Cloud Computer

Renderro Cloud Computer is a great way to save up time and resources you would otherwise have to spend on an expensive physical workstation. Pay-as-you-go only for what you use.

What is a cloud computer?

Cloud Computer is a technology that serves you as a standard computer like a laptop, PC, or Mac, but all the processes are taking place in the cloud. The key difference is in the resources you are getting access to. A standard PC would provide you with a single processor, while Renderro Cloud Computer supports up to 64 processors. Accordingly, while your 2 years old Mac has a single integrated graphic card, Renderro Cloud Computers offer a 4x NVIDIA T4, giving you pure power for all your production needs.

What does all this mean?

Your work can get done faster and cheaper with Renderro Cloud Computer.

How does Renderro Cloud Computer work?

By using TGX technology Renderro established a secure, encrypted connection between your device and Amazon Web Services that provide you with computing power. The TGX application is downloaded to your local machine after you create your first Renderro Cloud Computer.
All you need to do is go through a simple installation wizard.

Pick your Cloud Computer

Choose any of our four basic setups and switch between them at any time. Simple editing? Work with Medium. Demanding rendering task? Go Turbo with a few clicks.

All your Cloud Computers can be connected to the same drive, so you don't need to worry about file transferring between your machines.

Connect with a desktop application or browser

You can connect to your Renderro Cloud Computers with the Renderro desktop application or by using the browser connection.

The desktop application is meant for precise, pixel-perfect work like editing and modeling, while browser connection lets you quickly browse your Cloud Computer to check up on rendering, or transfer files.

Clean Windows 10 installation

All Renderro Cloud Computers come with a clean Windows 10 operating system that's capable of running all the software you would normally use on your standard Windows 10 workstation.

Right now you still need to bring your software licenses, but soon Renderro will offer the most common software licenses out-of-the-box.

Move your work to Cloud Computer

Pay-as-you-go only for the resources you need. Never again be limited by your setup.

A Renderro cloud computer at work

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