Cloud Computer

Cloud Computer is a great way to save up a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend on expensive setup for your production needs. Pay-as-you-go only for what you really use.

What is a cloud computer?

Cloud Computer is a technology that serves you as a standard computer like laptop, PC, or Mac, but all the processes are taking place in the cloud.

The key difference is in the resources you are getting access to.

A standard PC would provide you with a single processor, while Renderro Cloud Computer supports up to 64 processors.

Accordingly, while your 2 years old Mac has a single integrated graphic card, Renderro kicks in with a 4x NVIDIA M60, giving you pure power for all your production needs.

What all this means?

Your work can get done faster and cheaper with Cloud Computer.

How does it work?

Renderro Cloud Computer is simple, yet powerful tool for filmmakers, graphic designers and animators that can be used at will, at any time.

Manage your Cloud Computers

Manage your Cloud Computer

Turn your station on an off depending on how you use it. Time-consuming Rendering can take place even when you are away from the physical machine.

Connect via browser application or a desktop one. Browser apps lets you do this must faster, but the desktop application provides a better experience.

Connect to Virtual Desktop

After launching the computer, you can access your Virtual Desktop where you can operate on files and applications - pre-installed ones and any other apps of your liking.

Connect to Virtual Desktop
Get instant access to usage statistics

Get instant access to usage statistics

You can check the usage time of your Renderro Cloud Computer and the amount billed for this time at any time.

Move your work to Cloud Computer

Move your work to Cloud Computer

Pay-as-you-go only for the resources you need.

Never again be limited by your set up.

Cloud Computer pricing

With Renderro Cloud Computer you will pay only for the time you actually use the computer.

Each hour you spend on using Renderro Cloud Computer is being billed accordingly to the power you need. An in-depth Cloud Computer pricing can be found on our pricing page.

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