Scalable Cloud Desktop

woman flying from a cloud, to work on laptop
  • Cloud Computer is a technology that serves you as a standard computer like a laptop, PC, or Mac, but all the processes are taking place in the cloud. The key difference is in the resources you are getting access to.
  • A standard PC would provide you with a single processor, while Renderro Cloud Computer supports up to 64 processors.
  • Accordingly, while your 2 years old Mac has a single integrated graphic card, Renderro Cloud Computers offer a 4x NVIDIA T4, giving you pure power for all your production needs.
man working on laptop with renderro on two monitors

How does Renderro Cloud Desktop work?

  • Renderro Cloud Computer is a great way to save up time and resources you would otherwise have to spend on an expensive physical workstation.
  • By using TGX technology Renderro established a secure, encrypted connection between your device and Amazon Web Services that provide you with computing power.
  • Your work can get done faster and cheaper with Renderro Cloud Computer. Pay only for the resources you need with the Pay-As-You-Go system.
  • All you need is a decent network.
hard drive, cpu and memory connected together to work as a cloud desktop

    Never again be limited by your setup

    • Choose any of our four setups and switch between them at any time. Simple editing? Work with Medium. Demanding rendering task? Go Turbo with a few clicks.
    • All your Cloud Desktops can be connected to the same drive, so you don't need to worry about file transferring between your machines.

    Connect with a desktop application or browser

    • You can connect to your Renderro Cloud Desktops with the Renderro desktop application or by using browser connection.
    • The desktop application is meant for precise, pixel-perfect work like editing and modeling, while browser connection lets you quickly browse your Cloud Desktop to check up on rendering, or transfer files.

    Clean Windows 10 installation

    • All Renderro Cloud Desktops come with a clean Windows 10 operating system that's capable of running all the software you would normally use on your standard Windows 10 workstation.

    Prefer a personal demo?

    You might have a lot of questions and chance is, we've answered only some of them.
    Let's jump on call and talk through all your personal or team needs.