Cloud Storage for Graphic Designers and Filmmakers

Keep your creatives and old projects in Cold Storage - one of Renderro best features that lets you store all your top-notch designs and filmmaking resources.

What is cloud storage?

Using cloud storage means storing your valuable data like graphic designs, film projects, movies, or photos in a remote data center (a big warehouse full of powerful computers) provided by a company like Google or Amazon.

Cloud storage comes with nothing but benefits to the way you manage your files. The data centers are protected by cutting-edge security, both physical and digital.

You completely eliminate the risk of manual harm that could be done to your files like getting your laptop damaged, or hard drive wet.

The files are always easy to access, from almost any device with an internet connection.

It's also the cheapest way of storing a big amounts of data that is often the case for graphic designs and films.

How does it work?

Renderro cloud storage service is the most straight-forward and intuitive feature you can imagine.

Drop Files

Drop your files

Treat it like your standard stationary disc - upload all sorts of files of any size.

Browse and manage

Easily delete what you don't need, move around, and organise your files into folders.

Browse and Manage
Cloud Storage for Graphic Designers

Cloud Storage for Graphic Designers

You create amazing designs and life-like animations. It's wise to store them safely.

Renderro Cloud Storage for graphic designers was created to help you in storing all creatives, images, animations, icons, and files that you simply don't use on a daily basis. This will save you up A LOT of storage on your physical device and will keep your data under the best protection.

The cost of the storage will be based the amount of data stored on your virtual Renderro machine.

Cloud Storage for Filmmakers

Cloud Storage for Filmmakers

Your films deserve Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmy's. But they also deserve good storage.

Bookshelves and rooms filled with raw materials from your camera is something to be proud of. If it's 2010.

To properly manage and take care of your life achievements, you need something more than a dust-off once a year.

Cloud storage for filmmakers offered by Renderro will help you protect and archive your most valuable pieces in a safe and always accessible way.

Cold Storage allows you to upload a great amount of data to your virtual Renderro machine. You can store it as long as you want, meaning that this ad you made 4 years ago your clients whishes to remake will always be at hand.

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