Renderro Teams

Easily collaborate with your team, clients, and freelancers.

people colaborating with each other
  • Renderro Teams feature allows you to share your resources - Cloud Computers and Cloud Storage - with others, be it your teammates, customers, or freelancers.
  • You can manage access to each of your Cloud Computers and Drives for users you invite to your Team. Grant and revoke access at any time, from anywhere.
  • Share the media from your Cloud Storage with the outside world using our Smart Links. Request uploads, share project progress, or simply allow people outside your team to access your files.
people working in team on laptops

How does Renderro Teams work?

  • Renderro Teams is our third most important feature. It brings the Renderro experience even closer to working with your team like in a physical studio.
  • Share all your Renderro resources with clients, your team, and freelancers. Make remote collaboration painless.
man siting on the desk wiyh computer

    Grow and manage your team

    • You can invite people to your Renderro team with just their email. Add new users and remove them from your team at any time, revoking access to all their resources.
    • There are no limits for the team size.

    Grant them resources

    • Grant access to each of the resources on your Renderro account - Computers or Drives.
    • Your teammates can only access and see the resources you give them.

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