How do I add billing details?

You can add you billing details such as credit card number or address in the billing section of your account setting. 
renderro billing

When am I billed?

When using Renderro you are billed separately for two services:
  1. Drives - based on your choice of storage size, you will be billed for your drive on a monthly subscription basis.
  2. Workstation - when using Renderro workstation, you are being billed per minute when your workstation is running. The cost depends on the workstation specifications you pick during the workstation setup. To make sure your workstations aren't running when idle, you can turn off the automatic turn-off option in the workstation settings.

Where are my invoices?

You can find your invoices in the bottom part of the billing section. You will be presented with the history of your resources usage, along with an option to download invoice for each of the resource you have used. 

Where can I see my usage statistics?

You can see usage statistics for all your resources (workstations and drives) in the activity section of your admin panel. 
Usage statistics

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