Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renderro?

Renderro is a Cloud Workplace for audio-visual content creators, designers, and creative individuals. With our cloud workstation you can work on resource-demanding projects and finish up long tasks much faster.

The Renderro platform is based on two parts - workstations and drives. 


Think of the drive as your standard desktop drive. You can store all sorts of files, add, edit, and delete them as you see fit. The drive can be accesed from the Renderro administration console and from remote desktop. 


The workstations are the core functionality of Renderro. Each workstation is connected with a drive. After connecting to workstation from the administration panel, you can access to your virtual desktop. There, you can install any software you wish to use on Renderro.

What software and apps I can use with Renderro?

Renderro allows you to install any type of software that runs on Windows 10 operating system. However, some of the tools you want to use might require choosing a better workstation to run without any lags. 

Just to name a few applications you can use with Renderro:
  • Davinci Resolve,
  • Premiere Pro,
  • Avid Media Composer,
  • Sony Vegas,
  • After Effects,
  • Blender,
  • 3Ds,
  • Maya,
  • Cinema4d,
  • Houdini

What are the minimal requirements to use Renderro?

Renderro is designed to run on any kind of device. There are no minimal specification you have to meet to run Renderro, but we recommend using Renderro on the newest version of your browser and Windows 7+ or OSX 10.12+

How can I add my files to Renderro?

You can add any of your files to Renderro using drives. Drives can be accesed in two ways. 
1. From Renderro administration panel - in the /drives directory you will see a list of all your drives. Clicking the "Browse" button directs you to your drives files where you can create add, delete, rename and download files.  
Renderro drives
2. From the workstation itself - After launching your workstation you can access the drive space the same way you normally do it on your Windows desktop device.  

How can I add/edit my subscriptions?

You can add and edit your subscriptions at any given time from your account overview. After canceling your plan, all your drives and workstations will be permanently deleted.   
Renderro account

What browsers I can use?

Renderro can be used on any type of browser and any type of device connected to internet.

Renderro cloud workplace

Move your creative work to cloud and pay-as-you-go for the resouces you need.
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