How does Renderro work?

What is Renderro?

We are developing cost effective cloud workstations for audio-visual content creators, designers and creative individuals. Use our high-powered solutions instead of buying expensive top-notch computers and equipment for your projects.

We work in pay-as-you-go model, so you pay only for what you really use!

With our solution you will:

Our Solutions:

Our solution comprises of three key elements:
Cloud Workstation, Cloud Storage, and the Managing Platform.

The Cloud Workstation is your personal, powerful, cloud-based computer, with remote access. You can choose the specifications of this computer from a broad spectrum we are offering and change it at any time according to your needs. You can work on any type of specialist software – either your own or one provided by us.

The Cloud Storage comes in 2 variants: Hot Storage and Cold Storage.

The Hot Storage is the quick drive, onto which you can upload the data that you will be working with. Imagine it as an internal drive of the Cloud Workstation. It’s always fast and secure, and you can share it with any kind of Workstation you choose!

The Cold Storage Storage is your archive, where you can store all the data, that you are not working on at the time. It is slower than the Hot Storage (retrieving your data is not instantaneous), but it’s much cheaper and it’s a great, cost effective solution for archiving your old projects!

Additionaly, all of your Cloud Storage space scales according to your needs!

In contrast to storing your data on physical hard drives, your data in our Cloud Storage is always safe and sound – there is nothing that can break down and you are well guarded from unwanted access.

And finally, the Managing Platform . It allows you to boot up the Cloud Workstation, send the data to your Cloud Storage, download it, manage it, share it with co-workers, send it to your clients, do the cloud-supported rendering, and much, much more.

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